Laravel Development

Laravel is not just another framework which makes the development easier but it is something more then that. laravel the best framework to quickly turn an idea into product. According to Taylor Otwell author of laravel it is a PHP framework for web artisans and truly it is. laravel is modern, elegant, fast and most importantly easy to use because of its flexibility while comparing with other frameworks.

Why should we choose laravel?

  • Open source
  • Easy development process
  • Upgradeable
  • Maintainable
  • Reusable components
  • Using latest technologies
  • Support large scale applications
  • Quality coding
  • Well structured
  • Active community
  • Ready-made general features
  • And much more

Some features of laravel

  • Eloquent ORM (One of the best ActiveRecord implementation in the PHP)
  • Migrations (Version controls for database)
  • Composer packages (Similar to PEAR but with more features)
  • Blade Templating (Template engine for views with simple syntax)
  • Resourceful Controllers (Simple methods to create resources)
  • Routing (easy to use routing system)
  • Easy Authentication (Simple but powerful authentication built-in)
  • Sending Email (Built with SwiftMailer)
  • Database Seeding (Allows to specify a seed file for automatic data entry)
  • Better Foundation (Built on top of well tested Symfony components)

We have highly skilled laravel developers for developing best quality websites. Our laravel development process is controlled by experienced developers who also has experience in working with Symfony from many years which makes development much more easier and robust.

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