Titanium Mobile Application Development

At Webconfines you can hire Titanium mobile application developers at affordable rates. We are offering services through hourly/monthly or project basic. Our Titanium mobile application developers are well experienced with native mobile application development in iOS, Android and also using SDKs like Titanium.

Titanium is cross-platform mobile application development SDK. Titanium SDK allows to create native application for mobile and mobile web application as well as hybrid applications. Titanium applications are for all platforms and more importantly we need to create single code base, using Javascript. Titanium allows to create faster and quality development through their large API base.

Titanium is open source and having very proactive community of developers and contributors. One of the main benefit of using Titanium is that there are thousands of contributors enhance Titanium by their contributions.

Some of the features of Titanium mobile application development:

  • Can develop native mobile applications using it.
  • iOS compatible.
  • Android compatible.
  • BlackBerry compatible.
  • Windows compatible.
  • Can develop mobile websites.
  • Large API base.
  • Active community
  • Large contributor base.
  • Wide usage so well tested.
  • Simple usage of Javascript.
  • Less complexity.
  • Rich multimedia.
  • Flexible Storage.
  • Extensible.
  • And much more.

Traditionally we create application for all platforms like iOS, Android, BB using their language and it takes a lot in terms of time and cost. In this way we need to manage it separately and the most difficult part is to get all the features working in same way for all platforms due to its own limitations. Titanium SDK provides single application and will work on most mobile platforms.